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Times I've Said Wow

Foraging for moments that make me feel small (in the best way)


  • Monads and how they have no parts, meaning that they are indivisible, but are the unit from which all material properties are derived. Similar to how any numerical value consists of summed infinitesimally small quantities.-Learning how the likelihood of winning an election is very closely correlated with gas prices.


  • Learning that conflict analysis can be modelled using graphs and matrices, and that there is an institute at Waterloo that focuses on this


  • Finding out that the Dirac function is just the derivative of the step function
  • Learning how calculations become easier when you use Laplace to switch into frequency domain, instead of time
  • Really understanding how inductors work (finally lmfao embarassing that it took this long)
  • Learning about the head count of my uni, in comparison to other notable ones. Waterloo is the truly the of production for Silicon Valley
  • Having AlphaTensor explained to me