Hi I'm Anson!

Welcome to my humble abode. This website is full of Easter eggs. Let me know if you find any :)


In past lives, I...

  • grew up on a blueberry farm
  • led a charity to raise $200k for kids with disabilities
  • started a beekeeping club
  • edited documentaries for TV channels
  • tinkered my way to the podium at 8 hackathons
  • worked on open source software for non-profits
  • hired teams and built software tools at Contrary
  • worked on pricing, safety infrastructure, and made noise about protected bike lanes at Culdesac

I haven't listed everything, but my favorite experiments of whimsy include...

  • livestreaming a run wearing 62 t-shirts
  • playing We're Not Really Strangers with actual strangers
  • making AR filters of family members for my grandma
  • writing letters to friends
  • taking 400 photos of bread for an online shop
  • making 3 pun videos (cringe warning)


I'm currently...

  • studying systems design engineering & philosophy at Waterloo
  • chasing the tail of my reading list
  • flexing my filmmaking muscles by shipping small experiments

I'm embarassingly active on Curius, where I save my favorite articles. I also log all the books I've read. Aside from that, I think a lot about...

  • climate media
  • interaction design, placemaking on the web
  • throwing bomb ass dinner parties
  • ineffective zoning
  • progress studies

If any of those tickle your fancy, please reach out! I'm always looking to befriend people who are as kind as they are ambitious, and as thoughtful as they are optimistic.


This year, I'm pivoting from software to work on film (AHHH), specifically documentary film-making about housing policy, climate, and progress. I love software, but this path demands to be explored.

Who we end up becoming is largely influenced by those we spar with. Here are a couple people that I owe a lot to


And people that I've absorbed much from

Hank & JohnBretDevineLinusRobVannevar

Select Frames

A startling gazeBus in Hong KongA Contrary get togetherA youthful yearning at a climate protestHong Kong getawayTwo Japanese businessmen, taking a break
A serious man at a not-so serious circusBrandon making espressoAron at an opening in the treesRachel under a treeKoi fish in an elaborately deisgned man made pondKKevin in front of a blue projector
A bee, need I say more?More of Hong KongTina taking a photo of the photo takerA retiring sun, glimmering stepsBrian contemplatingA lovely presenter wearing a stunning headpiece

Select Workshops

The Tea on Working for StartupsIntro to Climate TechSpeedy 3D: Three.js and Web GraphicsReact In 60 Or Your Money Back