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Green Flags I Appreciate

Libya, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Mauritania

Misc things that pass the vibe check


  1. Guests that arrive to gatherings with offerings in hand
  2. People that quietly offer others a chance to save face in embarassing situations
  3. Bosses that start off check-ins by asking how you are, and mean it
  4. Teachers that make you feel like you discovered something yourself
  5. Romantic relationships where you feel like a team
  6. Friends that try to solve your problems behind your back
  7. Anyone with earnest excitement
  8. When someone has long term friends
  9. Noticers. People that clearly have background processes that intake their environments to observational ends. Armchair anthropologists with a value neutral or positive slant.


  1. Software that reminds you when your subscription is about to renew
  2. Acknowledgement sections on any pieces of work
  3. Abundant, well written documentation that helps download tacit knowledge, unspoken cultural tidbits, and lore
  4. Fun calendar invite titles