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Questions I Want Answers To

Some inquiries I have, and want explained to me (like I'm 5)

This is a bit of an idea bounty board. I will buy you a coffee if you want to explain any of the following topics to me! These are things I'm curious about but don't have the bandwidth to dive into right now


  • How do browsers really work?
  • Are there feasible alternatives to data privacy that aren't the current banner splaying, UX nerfing implementation of GDPR?
  • How likely is it that we have a Library of Alexandria moment with the internet? What would it take for this to happen?


  • What are the components of designing a good font?
  • Why makes Japanese garden design so damn appealing?


  • What is the breakdown of current carbon capture technologies and the likelihood of success for each?


  • Has anyone successfully used systems modelling to identify previously unknown, emergent behavior? Does this case study exist?